Indianapolis Concrete Lifting and Leveling Services

Sunken concrete, if left un-addressed, can lead to very large and dangerous openings under the concrete itself. With time, this condition gets worse due to increased erosion taking place right underneath your feet.  Below are pictures of un-addressed settled concrete areas. Do not let this happen to your home or business. Contact us today for a free quote!

The above part of this “cave” is the underside of a concrete slab. When the slab was poured originally the base was against the slab. Luckily this customer had addressed the issue before it was too late.

A cross section view showing underneath slab erosion.

Water ran underneath this spill way creating a void that took over 80,000 lbs of grout to fill.

A van parked in this Indianapolis downtown parking spot.
When the driver came out he found half of his truck had fallen into this hole.

Again the top part of this “cave” is the underside of a concrete slab.
The water pipe is the culprit of an erosion problem.

This driveway settled over 6 inches because of a leaking water piper that created luminous soil conditions.